Hello everyone, today's post is something a bit different to what I've done before as I seem to have bombarded you with fashion and make-up posts which some of you may love to see, some may prefer a change every once in a while. I see a lot of bloggers talking about their favourite quotes as a way of trying to get across to people to try and help with their problems so, I thought I'd give it a go. I may post quotes twice a month because I like to look on tumblr finding special quotes which can/have helped me with different problems. The quote I've chosen today has been my favourite quote for a few months now as I love the message it has in it and how it can be interpreted differently.
When I first read this quote the first thing I thought was 'How have I never realized that?', I spent so much time taking people for granted and I never realized that the people who cared the most, weren't being treated the best. It made me realize that surrounding myself with the same small number of people wasn't always necessary and that also, surrounding myself with a large number of people wasn't either. I just decided that what I needed most were the people who saw the good things about me to be treated like they should. Overall, this quote to me means being surrounded by a range of different people can be good in some instance, but when bad things happen is anyone going to be there? Its definitely brought me closer to my mum and my best friend Ella for different reasons and I'm very thankful that I found this quote when I did. I'm sorry if this post hasn't been to your interest but I can't make everyone smile!