Hello everyone! Recently I seem to have been buying quite a few things from The Body Shop which is strange for me as I've never really been interested by that shop. I decided that as I've been loving so many of their products I would review them to let you all know how good they are!

1. Mango Body Mist - This product has been my go to scent for the past 6 weeks now and I highly recommend it! I purchased it at the airport so this scent definitely reminds me of my holiday which I love as it was such a good holiday. The scent does smell quite strong when it's first applied however, after about 10 minutes it becomes a lot more subtle and smells beautiful. I find that it lasts all day in school or at home which is great to find in a 'Body Mist'. Its definitely more of a summer scent but I love it so much that I bought another bottle and I will be wearing it in winter.

2/3. Sweet Lemon Shower Gel & Coconut Shower Cream - I can't really comment much on these as I've only had them for around a week and haven't yet used the coconut one. Although, I have used the lemon shower gel everyday and I absolutely love it! It's definitely one of the only shower gels I've found to have a scent which can actually be smelt a few hours after a shower. The smell of both products is so nice and they're priced at £4 each which I think is reasonable for what you're getting.

4. Tea Tree Pore Minimiser - I use this product as a primer before I apply my make-up as I have quite large pores on my nose and my cheeks. I think that this product does do what it says which is 'to minimise pores' and as its tea tree, it has never made me break out or made my skin more oily. I don't use this daily (e.g. not for school) but when I do I find my make-up lasts all day without looking too worn, if that makes any sense?

5. Strawberry Body Butter - This is hands down the nicest smelling product I've ever had! As well as the sweet, beautiful scent it's such a good moisturizer with a scent that lingers for hours. The consistency is quite thick however, when applied it becomes more smooth and buttery. The only negative I have about this product is that I usually apply it around 1 hour before bed to my legs and it still feels quite sticky once I'm in bed. This is probably me being fussy but it isn't a major problem for me as I still continue to use it.

I will certainly be trying more products from The Body Shop and I can't wait to see if they live up to my high expectations.