Hello everyone! So I've been trying my best to have good content on my blog but, with school and having other priorities it is slightly hard. However, I'm trying my best to weekly update this and keep growing and growing and hopefully gaining a wider audience! Also if anyone has anything they desperately want to see me post about then please feel free to suggest it to me as I love getting ideas. Now, as its drastically changed into the usual 'autumnal/wintery' english weather, I thought to do a series of 'Autumn/Winter Essentials' and today's is about health and beauty. As I didn't want to overload with pictures there is quite a bit of text to read, enjoy!


So I've picked out a few of my personal favourite lip colours for this season, including (in order) a coppery/brown pink, a bright(ish) pink, a purpley pink, a nude and a deep cherry red. I think these colours are very suited as they aren't too bright and eye-catching yet the colour doesn't look dull. 
During A/W I think a major essential is Vaseline as the cold weather definitely dries up my lips and the best solution I've found is Vaseline as its inexpensive and does the job!         


For A/W I find that it's an excuse to go all out with the extravagant eye make-up as the deeper shades worn in A/W go with colours used for a smokey eye. I think especially for Autumn these 3 colours are lovely as they have coppery tones to them which remind me of the autumnal leaves. As for winter, I think dark purple/deep red/brown shades are all very suiting.  I also chose a pen eye liner as winged or thick eye-liner looks perfect with dark shadows!


I find summer is a time where face make-up isn't as necessary as blushed cheeks can be created simply by being flushed and the sun just seems to create a natural glow to your skin. I chose 2 peachy/dull pink blushes as I think they're very natural and subtle which I like as I find with my pale skin during winter, blusher just looks too much! My favourite thing to do however, is to contour. At the moment these products have been my favourite as the colours aren't to deep and can be nicely blended, in order to create a slightly more tanned affect during the winter months.
As well as make-up products I highly suggest moisturizing in the winter as having dry skin is never fun!


These two products are my favourite things at the moment as they keep me moisturized and have made my tan last. During A/W the cold is very drying and I find Body Butters work a lot better as they're a lot more hydrating which is what you need!


I adore candles all year round but I never seem to use them in the summer as I'm generally out & about or too warm anyway. I think they're the best way to make a room feel warm, cozy and smell heavenly!
HOT CHOCOLATE! This is my favourite thing about A/W as I'm obsessed with chocolate so a drink version is just another excuse to have it! As you all know it instantly warms you up, makes those dark winter nights even better and tastes sooooooo beautiful!