Hello everyone! Today I've decided to review a product which has been getting a lot of hype and interest in the UK as they've had it in the US for a while and it's only just become available here. That product is the L'Oreal Nude Magique foundation. Basically, it's a liquid powder ( I think ) meaning that it's very light, watery and not heavy duty.  
Packaging - I really love the packaging as it's a frosted glass bottle, the colour scheme works well and its easier to store as its flat on every side. On the back of the bottle there are directions of how to use the foundation which is helpful for those not sure, but the only down-side to this is there isn't a pump. However, I don't think a pump would work as the foundation is so runny so I can deal without.

Application/ Coverage - I apply this foundation by dotting around 10-15 small spots all around my face and buffing it in with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I find the foundation dries quite quickly meaning you have to be quite fast with blending in the product so usually I'll do my right cheek & then blend, left cheek & then blend, my chin etc... I apply one coat of this foundation as my skin isn't too bad (at the moment) so I don't want to cake my face as it would probably break me out. It would be able to be built up to have a heavier coverage if needed, however I think the natural finish of the foundation is what I love best. It does a good job at cancelling out redness and hiding pores which are my main concerns regarding my skin. And as you can see below here is me without any make-up (please excuse my face) and me with the foundation.
 Overall - I highly recommend picking up this foundation now as in Superdrug and Boots its £6.99, £3 less than the normal price because it's been newly released. I have oily skin and it hasn't broken me out, doesn't fade from my skin after a full day of school or added more oil to my skin. I have no idea what it would look like on dry skin but as it's more liquid it would hold a lot of moisture so it could probably work. I love this foundation for everyday and I know it'll be my go to foundation for the rest of this year definitely!

Any more questions feel free to ask but I hope this was helpful enough as I've never reviewed a product before.