Hello everyone, I feel as if today would be a good day to reflect back on what has happened during 2013. I can honestly say 2013 has been the best year of my life so far! So much has changed but worked out for the better and I've become a much happier/outgoing person and have finally gained slightly more confidence! Even though in 2013 there has been many many tears, everything has always turned out right and I'm thankful for that. I've gained so many more friends through this year and become closer to my best friends who I love so much and I don't think they realize (Ella, Charlotte and Lauren). I've shared most of my amazing memories with them but also family, past friends and complete strangers! I honestly couldn't pick a 'favourite moment' of 2013 but but to be honest, it would have to be all the gigs I've been to or starting to blog regularly which I'm quite proud of. As cringey as it sounds, I think 2013 has changed me a lot and I've finally become happy with the way I am and accepted my flaws. Thank you to everyone who's made my 2013 amazing and let's hope 2014 is just as smashinnn! Please tell me your 2013 highlights in the comments!