'One of the hardest things in life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder'

For me walking away is never seen as option I'm willing to take, trying hard is where I know I succeed. Regards to blogging, I seem to have become lost in my content and uploading and I feel so gutted that I let myself slip into this habit. I've drifted from blogging for around 3 months now, it was never that I didn't want to do it, it was just I knew what I was producing was never satisfying me. The same old blog post of an outfit, the same angled shots in every post, no originality or flare to what I was doing. I have decided to change up my blog completely and turn it into something that's me. 

It's interesting that I never write along side my blog posts, yet writing has always been some sort of hidden passion for me. I don't quite know what I'm going to do yet but expect a change, a good one of course. I need to find where I fit here and stick to what I enjoy and what makes me want to write a blog post. My main love will always be fashion, but I want to introduce more intellectual elements to my blog like just me generally typing away about topics I have an interest for, or simply describing why I've chosen what I'm wearing. I had never really found a unique point in my blog which is something I wish I'd have considered earlier as this and making youtube videos is what I love to do.

I just want to find my feet here and get back onto doing something to be proud of and something a little different...

Lucy x