So today is the 2015, the 16th year I've been alive and hopefully one to be remembered. I decided that I do in fact want to write a blog post about the joys of the last year, but also the goals I want to set this year.

'Remember that time?'
I have found myself constantly using this phrase this year and this is simply down to the fact I've had so many amazing experiences, I can't comprehend forgetting them. This year I've had so much fun going to countless concerts, spending waaaaay too much money on train fares to Manchester weekly and simply spending time with the people who make me happiest. In all honesty, I have lost friendships throughout this year, whether I wanted that or not, I believe everything happens for a reason. I gained such an amazing group of friends and have definitely become even more confident in many ways. I believe so many incredible things have been constantly happening to me, I have almost started taking them for granted. I realize now just how lucky and blessed I was. When I reflect back on last year, I appreciate how incredible it has been so thank you to anyone who made it that way, friends old and new...

'2015 the new year'
Resolutions are something I occasionally make however, I'm one of those people who has the perspective that if you want change, make it happen. I don't think relying on a new year for a different way of living is healthy as there is not much self motivation involved. It's obvious that whatever the change is, it must have been procrastinated over for days, even weeks.Nevertheless, I still appreciate those who set goals and actually stick to them. Throughout this year I simply want to , be happy, be myself and be appreciative to others. I have goals I want to achieve, but I feel keeping them to myself will help motivate me to do them successfully as if I say ' I will do this ' there seems more pressure to perform. Lets just say I hope my blog viewers and youtube watchers notice a difference.

To finish my post I want to wish everyone a happy new year! Stay happy, stay healthy and stay positive because throughout the year you're going to face many hurdles but you can always get through! 2014 you did good, but 2015 may do one better...

Lucy x