One thing I want to promote through my social media is self confidence as I know that girls are becoming so much more vulnerable to comments about themselves at a much younger age. It saddens me to see young girls so conscious of their appearance as I only really began caring about make up around age 13/14, not that long ago. I know how easy it is to fall into the cycle of comparing yourself to other people but at the end of the day, everyone is beautiful in their own way. I wanted to start a series on my blog entitled 'Embrace the Bare Face' as a way to show my audience that we don't have to post 'perfection' online as so many influential figures (celebrities) do. I wear make up because I enjoy experimenting as a way of expressing myself, however I don't use it as a confidence mechanism. Obviously I may think I look more presentable with concealer over my blemishes, but if I don't want to wear it I won't. I think the message is always trying to be heard that being yourself in your own skin is perfectly fine, but the growing generations are becoming more and more prone to ignoring this. 

I want to post shots monthly appreciating the skin that I'm in, if you find the idea appealing let me know, and feel free to blog/tweet/instagram about 'Embrace the Bare Face'. I am all about being happy with who you are, so trying to promote this message is something I feel obliged to do...


Lucy x