This location has proved my favourite place ever to shoot, there is something about graffiti that really astounds me. Even though it is seen as 'vandalism' it is truly an art form and I don't think it is fair to classify it as a negative thing. Although some of the words written on these walls are not exactly appropriate, the overall effect improves the appearance of somewhere which would once have been just a dull park. I decided to wear this Topshop loose crop which is one of my favourite summer pieces as paired with this necklace from Lyla Loves it proves the perfect bohemian combination. I had seem to forgotten about my H&M dungarees, it turns out that they added to this look wonderfully (despite the fact the necklace is constantly tucked into the pouch, it is very annoying, I know). I definitely with be revisiting this place as I love the vibes it gives off so much, it is important to recognise things for what they really are and in this case, appreciate the art.

Lucy x