I tend to think that the weather hates me. It always happens that during those 'back to school' transitional weeks from summer to autumn, the weather miraculously decides 'Oh wait, now everyone isn't able to go out in the sun I should probably make it sunny'. Well weather you have won again, yet  part of me is definitely heavily anticipating those snowy winters evenings! Lets talk about pants, more specifically these New Look pants that I adore. To answer why, you can't beat a pair of pants that feel like pyjamas yet prove acceptable to leave the house in. That is a win win situation. I currently live in this H&M jumper because it is everything you could ask for and more, I suggest you all buy it. My shoes are probably not rated high on the practicality scale for dog walking, yet I can't help but think they look so good with this outfit!New Look you did well. A little bit from me now, what content would you like to see? I know my outfits are obviously my main interest yet I want to write more personal and helpful posts every once in a while, let me know what you think! Also, I GOT A NEW LAYOUT!!!! I was sick and tired of the dullness of my previous one and told myself 'Sod it, just buy something new!'. A new layout gives me more determination to produce the best content I possibly can, let's look forward to the future!

Lucy Jane x