I think it's fair to say the autumn is definitely upon us and I'm just going to have to face the fact I've got to dress for the cold! There is something about the cosiness of the 'cold months' I love, yet somehow living in England feels like a constant spell of cold months, especially this year. At this time of year I'm always drawn to my good old mom jeans, they may be vintage and not necessarily the classic fit but I adore them so much. It is the season where my high neck tops come out and are worn none stop, this one from New Look has the appropriate autumnal tones to be paired with my classic Primark blazer, I am pretty sure I could wear it with anything! To finish it off some old New Look loafers remind me of those pieces meant to look 'vintage' but simply aren't, a great substitute for actual vintage shoes if you're like me and hate the thought of other peoples feet being in your shoes! Other than that this look is pretty simple, my go to autumn look.

Lucy x