Pinafore: Asos // Top: Primark // Shoes: Asos // Bag: H&M
I think there comes a point in everyones life where they begin to appreciate snake skin, and right now I'm at that point. When I found these gems on Asos I had to buy them, there is something quite Harry Styles-esc about them but I also feel slightly more like Alexa Chung which is always a plus. As for this pinafore, I can tell I am going to wear it to death! The patchwork denim definitely looks a lot more unique than the typical dungarees you can find in stores at the minute, that is why it stood out to me so much. The day I took these shots was my lovely Mums birthday, so Happy Birthday Mum and thank you for being the worlds most amazing Mother but also blog photographer! We went out for a lovely dinner in a small local cafe, I was slightly over dressed but when theres an occasion, why not?

Lucy Jane x