Jumper:Primark / Pants:New Look / Jacket:Urban Outfitters / Shoes:Converse

It's the days like these that I will look back on and think 'I was so lucky to have the people I had in my life'. My friends, or as we like to call ourselves, squad took a day trip to Blackpool to see the Illuminations and just wander around like proper tourists. I spent the day crying of laughter, take this for example: we were sat in pizza hut and a man said to a little boy waiting 'take a seat', so what did this boy do? He literally picked up this chair which was double his size and began 'taking' his 'seat' around the restaurant. Is there anyone else who finds things like that hilarious? As for my outfit, I have been constantly wearing these striped pants as they're so comfy and fit perfectly. It feels like a rarity to find me in anything other than a high neck top, so you probably already guessed I wore a polo neck jumper. I had the nicest day with my favourite people in the world, here is to more monthly squad blogs.

Lucy Jane x