'Northern soul is a music and dance movement that emerged independently in Northern England in the late 1960s from the British mod scene'
A movement which allowed teenagers to liberate themselves by using this underground style to express an individual sound, style and society. This movement influenced a big part of modern culture, yet it all stemmed from the ambitions of some music loving teenagers up in the north of England.

I'm known for my admiration of the swinging sixties, especially when it comes to the fashion, yet the journeys through music played a huge role in the decade. Being a northerner, it is obvious that northern soul, in my opinion, is the most important musical 'revolution'. It was a real eye opener researching on how people my age and older completely changed the music scene through their drive to express themselves...

'So Lucy, what does northern soul have anything to do with you?' For one, I'm northern. Although sometimes I hate to say it, I'm northern and proud. I've lived surrounded by northerners all my life, knowing that some of those were responsible for this movement is pretty cool to say the least. Secondly, I believe in self expression. Allowing everyone to be themselves without trying to be 'accepted' by society. The free spirits who created the 'Northern Soul scene' broke the social boundaries to share their individual music taste. They did what they wanted, so what’s stopping us?

Being a 16-year-old in this society, I feel heavily judged, like I'm not taken seriously and that I'll never really be good enough to meet the standards people want from me. I don't care about all these opinions. I care about being happy in my own skin regardless of whether people want to diminish my happiness, never giving up even when you feel at your lowest and achieving the goals that I set myself. I only wish there was more people like me who could confidently say that. Anxiety, nerves, worry. I'm sure these feelings are relatable, the exact feelings I used to feel daily. It is easy to get lost in the maze of being 'socially accepted', but makes life easier when you finally discover your true self. You have to 'Keep the faith'. Why can't we unite as a generation? Just think of the mark our voices could make, abolish these rules and regulations and live in a society where there is no fear in  being yourself. The youth that were responsible for Northern Soul were completely careless, they loved the music, the dancing, the style, they lived and breathed it. 

What for our generation now? I took these photos on the streets of my favourite city, Manchester. I went out there with my 60s style and love for life ready to shoot. I was greeted with the occasional glare, degrading comment and the casual bystander watching me out of curiosity or judgment? I can not pretend there wasn't an ounce of self-consciousness there as I was being watched, yet why should doing what I love bring me this negative social inflicted feeling? This generation has the capability to do something different, but we are too busy comparing ourselves to one another to notice our power. 

I laugh, I smile, I smirk, I stare but I think. I think this generation needs to collect this ambition for change and use it. The past is the past but that doesn't stop it influencing the future. Northern soul will never be forgotten, but our generation might. 

'It is easy to get lost in the maze of being 'socially accepted', but makes life easier when you finally discover your true self'

Lucy Jane