I bloody love music and I bloody love fashion, so I thought let's combine the best of things in life.
Enjoy the merch filled polaroids and my little music ramble...
SUNDARA KARMA ~ 'Indigo puff' & 'Waves'
If you're the kind of person who likes to bob your head around and ripple your hands to music then give these a listen.
(If you're that kind of person you'll know what I mean)
JAWS ~ 'Breeze' & 'Think too much, feel too little'
Again, if you're into the chilled out vibes when it comes to music, give'em a listen.

THE NEIGHBOURHOOD ~ 'Flawless' & 'Cry Baby' & 'The beach'
Every song is a work of art, every picture of them is a work of art, they are a work of art.

CATFISH & THE BOTTLEMEN ~ 'Hourglass' & 'Business'
There is no reason to dislike them, there you go...

Music really helps me uncover the mood I'm in and there is a range of artists I can always rely on.
If you don't spend at least 20% of your day with music, you're doing it wrong.
I'm no musician, although I did play cornet for a good portion of primary school, but I have a huge passion for music. It brings me ridiculous amounts of happiness when I struggle to find it elsewhere.
So I'm going to make an effort to dedicate posts to musical influences in my life as the whole culture surrounding different genres of music is so inspiring and so is the music I blissfully listen to...

This month I think my favourite song has to be...
Australia Streets - Sticky Fingers

Oh and lyrics are there for a reason, listen to them, it won't ruin your life.

Lucy Jane