To Mum,

This post is for you, the strongest, proudest, kindest and funniest woman I know who I am thankful to call my Mum. You are the reason I am who I am today, the biggest influencer to make me want to succeed and love everyone around me whilst always being prepared. So happy mother days Mum, I hope you don't cry too much...

Like two peas in one pod, thats my mum and me,
Always together and so happy to be...
To be laughing, to be smiling and to be having a ball,
I love your company so dearly but that's not all...

I love how you've raised me and cared for me every day,
I love how you're so fun but your organised way.
I love your strength and belief in everything I do,
I love your positive outlook, but most of all I love you.

Whether it's swimming in the sea or visiting a quaint town,
The happy moments are endless when I have you around.
Our little monthly adventures must never ever stop,
Always travelling, eating and we can't forget the shops!

Mum you have moulded me into little Lucy Jane,
I think I've turned out alright but I can be a pain.
You are so so special, words can not comprehend...
So thank you very much for being the best ever friend!

Lucy Jane