As matter of fact as this may sound, we have one body. 
Each of our bodies has the purpose of living. 
We are born to live individually. 
We are not born to desire the body or life of others.
We aren't 'stuck' with what we've got, we hold potential with what we've got.

 Unique. Different. Rare. Exclusive. Particular. Individual.

Personally, I believe the idea of loving yourself is the most key concept in life to feeling self fulfilment. I do not love myself to the greatest degree I could, but I am learning and adapting all the time to understand me, myself and I.

When I say skin I mean body, coming to terms with 'loving your skin' is a more real-feeling concept to me than loving your 'body'. It stems from being constantly taught about body confidence and image, over years I got the impression if I wasn't body confident, I therefore wasn't good enough or if my body image wasn't accepted socially, I wasn't either.
Reaching towards loving my 'skin' feels more achievable. I have never been set guides or even taught on 'How to love my skin' so I've discovered it all by myself.

I want to spark up ideas, pull at those thoughts you fail to think of when blinded by self doubt, criticism and even hatred.

Write the answers down.

Why do you view your skin in a negative way? Where does the negativity stem from?
Think for as long as you wish, it may not always be clear...

Complimenting ourselves has become something stereotyped as 'big-headed' or 'self-obsessed' but being able to point out your own special qualities is important. 
Flaw less, love more.

Tell me how having a negative view of your skin has affected your life for the good? 
Tell me how having a negative view of your skin has affected your life for the bad? 

Now I hope to think your answer to my first question was much shorter than the last as having a negative view of your skin brings no reasons for good,  it may not implicate on you finding the good in other areas of life yet lacking positivity towards your skin is a draining effort that is mentally exhausting and unnecessary.

Is it your individualities that you flaw?

Individualities are one small portion of what makes us who we are, learning to love them becomes so much more rewarding than wanting to change the unchangeable.

Do you believe in having a positive outlook of your skin?

This is what it comes down to, believing in yourself to overcome the heaviness of doubtful thoughts and reach towards appreciating and loving your skin. I fully believe in any situation in life there is always room for change!
 Opening up to change is crucial as with change comes new opinions, new knowledge and new outlooks on life.

Personally, I am very slowly developing understanding on what it takes for me to love my skin and trust me it is a gradual process. I'm not writing this as an inspiring, self loving human as I am far from that, but I know what it has taken for me to develop a method to allow me to progress within myself and begin to love my skin.

Finally, three things you love about yourself?

My hair for being so soft and shiny every single day, my laugh for sounding like a rather happy seal along with its infectious ability to effect everybody listening and my eyes because I swear they are ginger, not brown!

Lucy Jane