Top: Zara // Bralet: Urban Outfitters // Pants: Boohoo // Jacket: Zara // Shoes: New Look // Belt: Mango // Choker: Boohoo

Putting items of clothing together can easily go so right or so wrong, everyones own opinion of whats right and wrong is different. We express ourselves individually. However, some outfits are so right in so many ways and to me I certainly hit the nail on the head with this look!

Red is such a statement colour that has always been a favourite of mine, it seems to make me look so much more interesting than I really am. The classic monochromatic look has been long gone for me, I throw on a hint of red and I look interesting! I won't lie, I have no theory behind my 'Red + Lucy Jane = Interesting' conclusion yet you have to believe me. It is a colour that fills me with confidence, therefore every chance I get to wear it, I will. 
Red is always a good idea.

Onto to how to fall in love, there are two initial steps that do it for me...
1. A colour palette of red, white and black
2. A whole lot of delicate embroidery 
If I fooled you I truly apologise, yet my love for this Zara jacket is so real! Every angle of it looks flawless, it can be paired with so many outfits and it makes me feel very very fancy. 
I mean, who is going to pass up an opportunity to feel fancy?

Lucy Jane