Every year I set a summer bucket list and every year I fail to achieve everything, this year that is not happening. On the prettiest Thursday afternoon Staggy and I decided to spend hours doodling and drawing our perfect summer bucket list. Although I look like a lobster with a sunburnt engraving of my bra on my back, it was a fun afternoon.

' A moment where the beauty of nature makes me feel so happy, the birds tweets but not quite in sync  but where is the beauty in being exactly the same? '

Ten things I want to achieve this summer...

1.  Keep my blog updated often with the best possible content!
2. Visit different cities with my favourite friends e.g. Liverpool, Blackpool, London
3. Have a 4th July party (I'm sorry but I love America)
4. Attend as many festivals and gigs as humanly possible
5. Capture all the memories I share with my current friends and new ones
7. Go camping for fun, not for Duke of Edinburgh 
8. Walk everyday with the best friends, music or family as company 
9. Live in my shed for a solid few days 

Summer is the time where possibilities feel limitless, the only time of the year where the stress of exams doesn't seem to be looming. I want to enjoy every little moment of this freedom I've got, I'll be an idiot and do stupid things but I can tell you now, summer 2016 is going to be a fun one!

Lucy Jane