Top: Zara // Pants: Topshop // Shirt: Vintage // Belt: Mango // Shoes: Docs // Sunglasses: Forever 21

The backstreets of Liverpool really hold some hidden gems, stumbling upon graffitied streets done by some ridiculously talented strangers is always a nice surprise. 

I want to talk about wandering, the act of walking around aimlessly with no intention of where you're going. If I'm totally honest, a lot of us in life are wanderers, we don't realise but with little knowledge of where we actually want to go we spend the majority of our life wandering through. I believe wandering takes you down the brightest most interesting paths as when you stumble upon the unexpected the feeling of excitement you get is unbeatable. 
For me, having a plan of where I want to go in life is feeling very prominent right now and after months of wandering I don't quite know how to tackle it. I want to be happy, be successful and be loving every second of what I do but how am I meant to know what that will be until I stumble upon it?

So I stumbled upon this little alleyway in Liverpool filled with the perfect tones to match with my outfit. Orange is very quickly becoming my favourite colour and I'm finding my wardrobe becoming more and more orange by the day, I love it. Living in this pair of pants probably isn't a surprise to you as most bloggers own a pair and if you don't, why not?!?!?!?

I hope I start stumbling into different paths of life soon, it would be helpful...

Lucy Jane