Sifting through the racks upon racks of charity shop goods, I stumbled across this charming oriental shirt. Whether it be a boys size 10 or a women's size 16, you've got to look for potential!

How do I spot the potential? 
Simply follow this guide...

Pattern or no pattern?
Patterns scream 'I AM UNIQUE TAKE ME HOME' to me in a charity shop, the majority of the time the patterns seen will have been printed a good few years ago. When you're bopping around town kitted out in your thrifted patterned threads, you will 99% of the time be sure that you are never matching with someone else.

Charity shopping is all about routing for those gems to fill your wardrobe, if you rely on sizing you will never find them. Experimenting with alternate fits; body con, loose fit or over sized will all compliment you in various ways. 
Look at the opportunity of the clothing, not just the item.

Just wash it
I refuse to let a stench, stain or scratch put me off an item. For the cheap price clothing is offered at, it would be silly to let a £1 tee go to waste due to an unappealing smell. 
Washing machines do wonders, I'll tell you that now...

style is LIMITLESS
Charity shopping is evidently beneficial due to where the donations go, but the benefits to your bank balance are pretty wonderful as well. The cheaper prices means experimenting with adventurous styles will not break your bank! Never say never, you are your own stylist, be exciting and break those boundaries!

Lucy Jane