I have constantly referred to my blog as a hub of self expression these past weeks but how much have I really been utilising it?

My self is a very curious, creative but naive 17 year old. I have numerous strands of this 'self' which nobody really knows or should I say I don't always successfully express. Growing up I am changing a lot, accepting new discoveries about myself but still holding on to old ways. I haven't quite decided which the best solution is, take a tight grip or gently let go? As I claim my blog is an 'expression of ones self' I can't feel fulfilled with this unless I begin to share more of MY SELF with you.

A round up of these months: 9 & 10... (picture me commentating these pictures in my wonderfully mancunian accent for added effect)

These months have been filled with people and places. Bumping into to familiar faces at gigs to serving the friendliest customers at work, realising that my 13 year old phobia of 'new conversation' no longer lingers in me is so fulfilling. These months I showed admiration for the special people in my life, I want to do this more often. These months I was too busy to even plan ahead, missing opportunities but gaining in other ways. These months the people I have been surrounded by have really made me happy, you're all great. 

These months I spent attending endless amounts of gigs, meeting my favourite bands and even ending up on stage.
 I want to talk about these...

Sundara Karma was a whirlwind of sweat and excitement. A favourite shared between me and the legend that is Staggy, we completely and utterly adore the four piece. I remember the night being done before it even begun, I was too engrossed in the music to recollect it.
No Hot Ashes and Marsicans were at the smallest venue AATMA, they were lovely and intimate in their own little way. Both bands I highly recommend and fully believe in their success.
Neighbourhood festival rolled around; Blossoms, Inheaven, Cupids, No Hot Ashes, Fronteers, Vant and Clean Cut Kid. Certainly a day of beautiful music and the best company. The highlights were endless...
Sharing a moment with Staggy during 'My Favourite Room', even though 5 people were between us, we still managed to hold hands. Loosing my sense of self in Vant because the amount of kicks and nudges being felt were never ending, my kind of fun. Ending our day on Clean Cut Kid, watching Staggy so happy in our favourite venue (The Deaf Institute) and somehow ending up onstage during Vitamin C.
Clean Cut Kid I fully love you for that, thank you you legends!
Spring King and Magic Gang, what do I say. Firstly, whoever thinks trying to start pits to Magic Gang is a wise idea just re-evalute, they're called 'The Magic Gang', their music is beautifully calming and pleasing, please don't be that person. 
Spring King however, are a band who never fail to impress. Regardless of seeing them three times before, I still get that same tense feeling when trying to video the big build ups in songs of 'Is my phone actually going to survive through this?'.
Luckily it did.

I have probably said it before but I do not have to validate myself and my position on this blog. So enjoy reading about my style, viewing my memories through pictures and questioning yourself on what you think of me, because ultimately thats what I want to achieve.

Lucy Jane