Being a child there was always a definitive between being 'girly' or 'boyish'. The society that surrounded us triggered our minds into associating certain things to each gender making us aspire to one singular set of traits. 
I began thinking about this when for the first time in years I looked in the mirror and thought 'I want to look more girly', but what did I mean by that? 

Growing up as a pretty confident individual, I could easily ignore peoples opinions on what I wore. Whether I'd bought it from mens section, women section or was wearing a style nobody liked, if I felt good I was happy. I didn't want to dress like anything other than myself and that gave me my little comfort bubble. I was ignoring everything my little child brain had heard as being seen as 'girly' was not a necessity of mine, I wanted to be seen as 'me'. 
That felt wonderful.

Gender was never something that crossed my mind when buying clothes as fashion is art and art should be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates it. I see an industry now pushing the boundaries and grasping gender fluidity and showcasing it with this subtle beauty and it makes me so so happy to see such a easy adaptation! So when I thought 'I want to look more girly' I think I know what I meant. Wanting to change up the colours, the style and adapt to the feelings in myself. 
I am in love in lilac here, may be in love with blue there.
I am in love with whatever I express myself as because really, why should we care?

Lucy Jane