I can't tell whether the over-sized glasses look is a good thing on me anymore or not? Part of me thinks I look like a sophisticated, vintage woman whilst the other half thinks I look like a fly, with bug eyes.
It is a look I suppose...

70s suede, something which was in EVERY single shop around 2 years ago and we really couldn't get enough of it. We saw it in the form of jackets, skirts and even shoes, but where exactly did it go? I found this vintage jacket back in 2015 and feel the neglected trend led me to neglect this.

'Trends' are something I'm trying to push away from, of course subconsciously we are all inspired by trending things but to lead a life based upon them doesn't feel right to me. I am a creative person, I take inspiration from so much around me it is hard for me to define when I'm following a 'trend'. There is nothing to say do not follow trends as they play a key role in society which I find really interesting. The knock on effect of something 'trending' is so weird for me to comprehend, a large number of people suddenly obsessing over the same thing. 
Pushing away from whats 'trending' in society and thinking about whats 'trending' in you is important.  Making yourself happy and fulfilled should be number 1 priority, listen to your own voice first.

Lucy Jane