It's been months since I shared my favourite Charity shop finds and I must say, I have picked up some right gems over summer! Having made up around 70% of my summer wardrobe, Charity shop pieces are unique, slightly more sustainable and so so cheap!

Now who doesn't love a little bit of gingham?!
This summer I have seen it everywhere; gingham tops, gingham bags, gingham dresses, everything in gingham! From large prints to small, it is definitely a trend adaptable to different peoples styles.
I personally love the bright, small gingham prints as you can probably gather yet more simplistic combinations of black and white print suit the perfect minimalist. 

My gingham on gingham was rather a bold choice to make! I picked up this orange crop for £3 a while back and it gave me those cute, summery vibes that I could not ignore. I feel like it's previous owner may have been a country girl who rode horses on a farm or may be I just watched the Hannah Montana Movie too much! Either way I love the laid-back vibe it gives off with its relaxed silhouette but vibrant colour. I paired it with a red skirt I picked up from the Kilo sale in Manchester (my favourite place to shop). With it being such a simply shaped piece, I love that the print is bright and interesting to compensate for the basic structure. I'm in love with all things red so when I saw this I had to have it. Pair it with a bandeaux top, little lace bralet or another gingham print, it looks perfect!
To finish the outfit I threw on a PLT belt and my M&S shoes making for the ideal summery gingham on gingham look!

2017 has been the year gingham triumphed, what style triumphed for you?

Lucy Jane