My purse was telling me no but my mind was telling me Y E S, so I did it.
I splurged big time and treated myself to these beautiful oversized square-frame Gucci sunglasses (part of me still dies when I say 'Gucci'). 

On the 18th July 2017 I jetted off to Kefalonia with my favourite travel companion, my mum. The past few months have been more than hectic so we made a last minute decision to get away from reality, relax and enjoy the sun! Having been to the Greek island two years ago, we knew what beautiful scenery and weather we were in store for. 
It was exactly what we needed.

Gucci, Gucci, Gucci! 
I don't know what possessed me to spontaneously buy these sunglasses but I couldn't help but think how nice they'd look with any holiday outfit! Firstly, the striped sides won my heart over. The two royal blue lines look so chic against the solid red (favourite colour of all time) but they also have tiny specks of glitter in which pleases me so SO much.  I LOVE GLITTER.
The overall finish of them looked so mature, I could imagine a well put together mid 20s lady wearing these around the south of France, they just scream chic! 

With my obsession with red being on going, my first holiday look was this thrifted denim skirt paired with a H&M off the shoulder crop. I can't get enough of embroidered prints at the moment and have been constantly reaching for this top as the colours look lovely against my pale complexion. Of course I had to throw on a belt, this Pretty Little Thing double buckled one receives a whole lot of love as it pulls any look together perfectly. I like to keep things bright and colourful at the moment, yet with my own little twist, keeping this outfit Gucci.

Lucy Jane