Last week my friends and I ventured on a little 4 day holiday, a trip down to my favourite city London for a lot of sight-seeing, laughing and lets not lie, drinking. London is the city I adore and was supposed to move to this year (long story). This trip was a sort of 'get to know the nightlife' for me and to also share my love for the city with my best friends! 

Saturday 19th August, after quite a slow start to the day due to the antics of the previous night, we left the hostel at around dinnertime. Camden was the plan. A day filled with quaint little markets and a bunch of instagramable graffiti, one of my favourite spots in London. After a quick tube journey and a stop off at platform 9 3/4, we arrived in Camden and all had one thing in mind, FOOD. 
We stumbled upon a restaurant called 'The Diner' which none of us had ever heard of before and decided to eat there (best decision EVER). The food was exactly what we needed, proper tasty food that we were all obsessing over. I had a Chicken Burger which was amazing and shared some Blueberry Pancakes with Ell which were so delicious, I'm craving them now!

After eating we walked up to Camden Market where Sally and I got lost in the stalls for hours, all the unique designers never fail to impress me there. Something about running your own stall really appeals to me, the amount of people you'd meet and get to share your talents with is pretty astounding! A certain stall caught our eye, it was ran by the loveliest lady and she braided feathers into your hair which of course, Sally had done! I will say I regret not getting some feathers as it looked so pretty on Sally, but I probably couldn't pull it off as well!

A colourful day in Camden was brightened by the discovery as the most instagrammable wall I have ever seen! I knew blog pictures had to be taken...
For my outfit, I'd opted for this pretty little Zara playsuit which deceives all as it looks like a dress! The shorts hidden underneath were a necessity walking round as London decided to be very windy that day. I'm all for those red vibes at the minute so paired it with my beloved eBay choker, you can never go wrong with it. I then threw on my classic Vans and some fishnet socks and off I went. I'm big on comfort these days with my Ulcerative Colitis constantly affecting my belly area, so dresses and loose fitting pieces are what I live for! 

To finish off the day we strolled up to Primrose Hill, watching the sky change colour and dogs steal pizza. This colourful day in Camden was one of the best days I've had all summer, a day where I didn't feel defeated by my disease. Sat on Primrose Hill surrounded by my best friends, I couldn't have wished to be anyone else or anywhere else. These are the days I need to hold on to and remember when things get me down. The bad days might outnumber the good for now, but at least those good days are bloody good!
Just keep swimming I suppose...

Lucy Jane