A disposable summer of 17.
I look back at these as a sort of highlight reel of the past few months, these pictures show the best bits and thats what I need to remember. Most years I've done a blog post reflecting on my summer experience and always get so overwhelmed when writing it as I'd been having the time of my life. This summer didn't pan out the way I'd planned when dreaming of my final summer before University. It's been 40% really good and 60% not so good but I'm here to look on the bright side and forget all the shit.

Since 22nd June I've been living out what has felt like the longest summer ever. So highly anticipated  by all my friends and I, we had so many ideas and plans that made my summer calendar jam packed. Unfortunately, this summer wasn't exactly how I imagined, it was more jam packed with hospital visits than the plans I'd previously made but that was okay.

This summer has knocked me down, messed me up and I think I'm glad of it. With everything that has happened, I've had to learn more about myself and my body in order to understand my limitations. I'm more conscious of how I'm feeling, if I'm tired I let myself sleep, if I feel good I make myself go out. Being in this unpredictable state for such a long time it becomes hard to make plans. I don't want to be a let down but I just can't help it. I suppose I'm now more grateful for all the positive days I do spend with friends and family, if I get at least 1 good day a week thats a reason to smile! 
The times I've spent with the people I love over summer are the times that have pushed me into wanting my old way of life back. Being surrounded by support, there simply is no reason to give up, I want to get better for everyone and for myself.

So summer 2017 may not have been the most amazing summer of my life, yet I'm still grateful for every experience I've had. 
I hope to look back on this in a years time and say 'Well you did it Lucy!'.
 I hope I'll be packed up and ready to move to London after living out the best summer I could imagine. 
I really hope things are better after a year of trying, I hope you're being the best you and living like you used to.

Lucy Jane