Wednesday 3rd January
Shot a few sassy blog posts!!!

Thursday 4th January
Went to see The Greatest Showman (the best film soundtrack EVER)

Friday 5th January
Charity shopping day & family meal

Saturday 6th January
Lil walk

Sunday 7th January
Depop & trip to Grandma's 

In 2017 I was always thinking about ways of recording my life. I wanted to be able to look back and remember the little instances that otherwise I would've forgot. I've always been into journalling but it's a very personal, private way of documenting my life. I wanted something I could share on my blog that I could do throughout 2018 to document my days, so I decided why not take photos!
I found an app called Huji that adds lil dates to your pictures and replicates the effect of disposable cameras which is pretty cool. 
I simply decided I want to try and make 2018 a memorable year and capture the little moments.

Two Thousand and Eighteen Week 1 / 52

Week 1 started on day 3 technically as the first two days were spent lazing around and learning how to inject/getting my new medication!!(so exciting). After getting my new Humira injections on Tuesday, I decided this week was only going to be one thing, POSITIVE. I'm determined to get myself back into a routine and start fulfilling my days. Wednesday was a productive but chilled out day, I shot a few blog posts in the morning and spent the afternoon chatting with my Nana. As I'd only just got my medication on Tuesday, I was still quite overwhelmed by the whole thing and was exhausted after my short day.
 Thursday was a more upbeat day, me and Ell went to the cinema to watch The Greatest Showman and I loved it! I do think the plot could've been a bit more complicated in certain ways but I was sold after hearing the soundtrack. We then went out to Frankie & Bennies and I ate various types of chicken because that is basically the only thing my body can handle. I came home feeling proud that I'd accomplished an afternoon out, it may not seem like a big deal but after weeks of staying inside I was proud to have ventured out and not encounter any problems!
Friday I'd decided to go into my local town with my Mum to scour the Charity Shops. I found an amazing Red Snakeskin longline jacket but for £25,  I could only afford a selfie in it and then I put it back. I then went into my favourite shop where everything is £1, I spotted an old school Elvis tee and picked it up because he is my KING. After a hugely successful trip, we came home and got ready for a family meal out. It was a lovely day!
Saturday rolled around and I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed. My bowels had not been the greatest of friends after the meal out on Friday night, so unfortunately I got a really bad sleep. When I get up feeling like this, I try to do things to take my mind of it like doing my make up or planning things but that day was just a big no from me. I managed a little walk which was one positive but my anxiety was sky high all day and night. With days like this I need to learn to accept it's okay to not feel okay all the time. I was so set on a positive week that I beat myself up about one day out of my week where I felt really rubbish. 
It's fine to have a bad day sometimes Lucy Jane!!
Sunday's are truly made for lie ins so that is exactly what I did. 
I then went to visit my Grandma and came home to a lovely Sunday Dinner and that was about it. A lovely chilled family day was definitely what I needed.
I'd say my first week of 2018 has been pretty successful for me, I got out of the house and started to do things I'd stopped doing.
Slow and steady wins the race...

Lucy Jane