Monday 22nd January 

Cherry babes and rainbow belts

Tuesday 23rd January

An exhuasted day 

Wednesday 24th January

Blogging day!

Thursday 25th January

New grooves, cute walks and long, deep chats...

Friday 26th January

Planning my room and more sunset walks

Saturday 27th January

An antique shop and some really good chicken 
(I'm sorry if you're vegan or veggie, I honestly admire you but right now I can't commit to that due to my IBD being VERY reactive with certain foods, I'm sorry!)

Sunday 28th January

Work outs, bed shopping and a lovely meal out


Monday, monday monday...
I was expecting Monday to be a failure of a day as going out usually takes me a few days to recover. I got up, got out and made the most of the day ahead. I nipped into a local Charity Shop and managed to find some Zara vinyl boots along with this rainbow belt all for £4!! After an hour or so out the house, the exhaustion kicked in and I knew there was no point pushing myself to do more. I ended the day with my weekly fix of Silent Witness, my favourite programme ever!

Tuesday was successful in some senses, yet unsuccessful in others. It began with an early trip to the doctors to chat with a psychologist. I want to mention this as I feel admitting you need help with your mental health can be something people feel ashamed off and I really don't think it should be. Your mental wellbeing is just as important, if not even more important than your physical health! If you had a broken arm you wouldn't feel ashamed of the injury, but yet when suffering internally there is still such a stigma around admitting you feel broken. 
Help will always be there and there is always something brighter waiting for you, being able to talk to someone made me realise that. No matter how big or small your battle may be your case will always be valid enough to be listened to and receive help. There was so much information I received that I didn't know of before and after the session, I came out thinking 'You know what, I CAN do this!'
The rest of the day I pretty much slept because my body was just not for living. 

Wednesday I awoke with a spring in my step and decided I need to get some blogger pictures shot. The majority of the day was spent shooting pictures with an interval of a lovely visit from my Nana. Days like this I really enjoy, not doing too much but still really productive in my eyes.

Thursday began on a horrible note, I'd had the worst nightmare in a long time and it really shook me up. I managed to get up, get on the exercise bike and eventually clear my mind. My Mum and I then ventured out for a walk round the lake which is something I love to do. My favourite thing that I used to do was go for the longest, prettiest walks and now it's a bit harder. Going on walks generally means being in locations where there is no access to toilets so it does strike up my anxiety. My goal over the next few weeks is to push myself to try and go for a walk every other day. Whether it's 10 minutes or an hour I want to get my confidence back in something I used to love. 
Later that day I got my hair cut and then spent the night catching up with one of my closest friends, Olivia (Staggy) which was lovely. 

The previous week I'd started decluttering my room, Friday was the day to finish this task and get my room as empty as possible. When everything gone from your room, you start getting different ideas of how it could look and it's so exciting. I can't wait for a new vibe in my room!
I then went on a lovely brisk walk with my Mum as the sun set in the sky. Later that day I started scrolling through the realms of youtube and decided on watching many videos on astrology. I got so fascinated by it all and have now decided to start learning a lot more about it, it's so interesting!

Saturday I thought wouldn't be a great day, the night before I'd barely slept because my bowels decided to ruin my life. Fortunately, I got up and got ready in my own time and decided I felt a bit better. I ventured out to an antique barn filled with so many bits and bobs, it was like heaven to me! I picked the first thing up for my new room, the pink framed picture of a horse. I saw it and automatically fell in love with it, I can't wait!
Saturday night was spent watching the weirdest film and finding a new obsession in Ru Pauls Drag Race, how have I never watched it before?!? My friend Charlotte came round for a chilled, takeaway night and I am still not over how good the takeaway was. The best chicken I've ever had but probably the unhealthiest and most full of rubbish! 
(I apologise again if you're vegan or veggie and I fully do admire you!)

Sunday was a lovely little day, I got up in my own time and did an hour long exercise session which I was pretty proud of. I'm definitely doing bits of exercise most days during the week but would love to do more, it simply depends on the amount of energy I wake up with. I then went to shop for double beds because I came up with a genius plan of turning under the stairs into a walk in wardrobe meaning more room so I can have a double bed! 
The day was ended with a lovely meal out by the lake and a relaxing, well needed bath.

All in all this week was pretty rewarding, I managed to get myself out of the house most days and thats something I've been striving for.  Everything I feel made more sense after talking to someone and it's made me stop questioning everything so much. 
'Let go of the things you can't control, use and enhance the things that you can'

Lucy Jane