Top: Depop // Pants: Depop (Pretty Little Thing originally) // Shoes: Nike Air Force 1 

I feel happy.

That statement hasn't left my mouth for quite a while but right now, I do feel really happy. With the whirlwind of year I had in 2017, I lost that buzz of feeling happy with life and happy within myself. I didn't really reach for happiness because I was in such a negative mindset, my life just felt it was crumbling apart and I was just an outsider watching it. I felt like everything in life that had ever brought me happiness was gone and I was never going to get it back. Yes, I was dramatic but when life changes you have to adjust and it took me a while to realise how to be happy again.

This past Wednesday tabloids and social media went crazy for magician Dynamos 'moon face selfie' and it sparked up a determination in the IBD community. Dynamo suffers from Crohns disease (a form of IBD) and is on steroids which causes moon face and weight gain. Steroids are something I'm very familiar with along with 80% of IBD sufferers, they're a really good tool to temporarily control IBD but they have massive side effects. Dynamos selfie did face criticism by uneducated, foolish people who do not deserve the privilege of an opinion but for the most part, his selfie brought the IBD community together in sharing our #moonfacefordynamo pictures to raise awareness. It was amazing to see such solidarity and even more amazing that the event fell upon the 28th March, marking one year since I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. 

I didn't want my one year anniversary to be a negative day, I wanted to use it to raise awareness and try to reach out to people who may be going through anything similar... so thats exactly what I did!
I spent the day talking to inspiring people, finding out their stories and receiving the most meaningful messages about my bravery and strength. I also saw my IBD nurse and my appointments with her always bring so much positivity even when things aren't great, she makes me feel hopeful. Add all this to the whole Dynamo campaign and you get a very emotional Lucy Jane!
I was emotional because I felt so proud of the whole IBD community for pulling together and being so supportive, you realise you will never feel alone with amazing people like those there for you. I felt so proud of the people who had opened up to me, proud that they trusted in me to help and be there because I 100% will! 
Finally, I felt proud of myself.
I felt proud that I have got through a year of hell with a smile on my face, proud that people feel like they can talk to me to open up about their health and proud that I haven't given up. 

On another note, I am also proud of this outfit! Green is a colour I'd always stray away from but 2018 is the year of going for it and now, green is slowly becoming one of my favourite colours! The rugby shirt trend is one I do quite love but decided to go for a more authentic touch by getting an actual rugby shirt off Depop. Unfortunately, it did arrive with a few stains but cropping it got rid of a few of those and I still think it looks pretty good. I adore the colour blocked sections as they're bright, bold and add such a unique touch. I paired it with the comfiest pants from PLT which I picked up off Depop as well. I love a good statement pant and I love them even more for being green AND animal print! My trusty air force 1's are a must at the minute, so I finished this casual look off with the comfiest shoes I own. 

So that is why I am feeling green with glee because I feel so happy today, regardless of what might happen right now I'm going to indulge in my happiness!

Lucy Jane