Top: H&M // Jacket: Pull & Bear // Pants: Charity Shop // Sunglasses: Forever 21 // Shoes: Nike Air Force 1 // Necklaces: Forever 21

What is your challenging colour?
That one colour you lust over, longing for it to suit you yet it will always challenge you.
If you know what I mean then good because I'm certain we all have that one colour we can't seem to get right!

My challenging colour is yellow. From neon yellow to mustard, throughout my life yellow has been a scary shade to me. Naturally I am very pale with very dark features and for some reason, yellow doesn't contrast very well with my complexion. It always made me look washed out and slightly ill which is never a good look when the majority of the time you are actually ill!
So with the sun rays brightening up our days over the past week, I decided to experiment with how I could bring a bit more yellow into my life and I think I've found the solution!

Being a very pale gal is something that has never really bothered me, I loved getting a bit of colour over the summer but I was never bothered about keeping an all year round glow. With being ill over the past year there has been many times where I've looked in the mirror and thought 'OH GOD I LOOK LIKE DEATH'. I've looked so SO pale, it's scary and I am not about the zombie life!
Recently I thought I'd venture into the world of fake tanning which is one which I'd always stayed away from. For some reason I had it in my mind that if I ever bothered fake tanning it would go horrendously wrong and I'd be stained for life, who knows my brain works in a weird way but fake tan scared me! Over the past few weeks I've started tanning because to be honest, I was sick of looking at my lifeless self and wanted to brighten things up a bit...
I've been using 1 hour express tan by Bondi Sands and I adore the golden glow it gives my skin. I apply it, leave it on for a few hours and am left with this bronzed bod for days!

So the solution to my challenging colour is FAKE TAN! Having a bit of a golden glow does miracles for my complexion and for once, I don't look like death! Todays post is a showcase of how you can make your challenging colours work, you've just got to change things up!
I'd love to know what your challenging colour is!

Lucy Jane