Top: Nasty Gal // Pants: Nasty Gal // Bag: Charity Shop (Topshop) // Shoes: Asos

Living in a daze of palm trees and palazzo pants, life can feel quite surreal sometimes.

I shot these pictures whilst on holiday in Cyprus and as I've said before, it was a weird holiday and I left feeling quite uninspired by where I'd been. Now I've had time to process the trip and think about why I felt how I did, I've come to the conclusion that my holiday felt more of a dazed dream than a holiday. I was living this amazing reality every day of feeling well, eating what I want and simply doing nothing but because my life the previous week had been such a contrast to that, I felt stuck and confused. Basically I think I and my emotions, were all over the place! I spent the week suppressing those feelings as I was so determined to have a 'good time' when really I should've just aired the fact that life had been moving at too much of a weird and quick pace for me to handle!
I think I should've taken things slower and spent more time focused on bettering myself.

Regardless of the thoughts and feelings this holiday brought, it brought a lot of great outfits and I definitely felt like the most stylish gal in Limassol. Strutting down the street in my polka dot palazzo pants made me feel 10 feet tall, I loved it! The high waisted fit along with the extremely wide leg some how makes my legs look ridiculously long, I'm 5 ft 8 but I'll take anything that makes me look 5 ft 10! I picked these pants up from Nasty Gal after seeing my favourite babe Cartia Mallan wearing a similar flared pair. They're a piece that can be completely dressed up with some heels and blouse or completely dressed down with a bikini and sliders, I'm obsessed!

Moving on to a staple in my summer wardrobe which is this white off the shoulder top from Nasty Gal. For so long I'd seen pictures floating around of an I AM GIA top which had almost exactly the same cut as this one. I'd debated ordering it but I couldn't justify the price. Although their pieces are so beautiful, they aren't cheap! So when I saw this one on Nasty Gal for a much better deal I snapped it up, the quality isn't too fabulous but it works for me. I love it because it shows off my dΓ©colletage which I think looks so flattering, especially for someone like me who has no boobs whatsoever. The sweetheart neckline is so cute yet the lacing detail makes it that lil bit more daring and I'm simply in love with the whole combination. 
You'll definitely be seeing a lot of this top as I feel so fab in it.

Now, the pants are a pretty big statement so I decided to keep it simple; black bag, gold necklaces and leopard print shoes. Well when I say simple I mean my kind of simple, my leopard print shoes are to me like a nude heel would be to you, a wardrobe essential! I felt wonderful as my pants floated through the breeze and my highlight shimmered on my collar bones, it was an outfit that made me feel good. 
That's when I fall in love with fashion all over again when I wear something that makes me feel good, makes me want to express myself and makes me want to ooze with confidence!

Oh... and my pants also matched a bathroom I went in, co-ordination is key my friends!

Lucy Jane