Hello everyone! So this isn't my usual 'beauty/fashion' post but I thought since it's summer and I go on a few day trips, I'm sure you'll all like to see something a bit different. So on Friday 2nd August I visited Chester Zoo with my Mum,Dad and my best friend Ella. You're probably all thinking 'Why do 14 year old girls want to visit Chester Zoo?' basically, we're 5 year olds at heart. Since I was little I've loved being around animals and I think I will always do. The main reason I wanted to visit the Zoo was because my favourite ever animal was there and I'd never seen one before in my life. That animal is a sloth! Even though the sloth wasn't really clear to see as it was sleeping high up in a tree, I was so happy to see one and had such a fun day with Ell looking at all the other animals and just being weird. I took a few snaps of the animals so I hope you enjoy!

So excited to see all the animals
Oh how I wish I had a pet sloth
The biggest butterfly I have ever seen
This was such a pretty Butterfly
'Its a hard knock life'
Just look at that face!
waddle waddle
Too cute

What can I say, it's a monkey with a mustache