Hello everyone, I know I've been away from blogging for about 3 weeks but that's because I've been on holiday! I couldn't blog whilst away as I was having too much fun with relaxing and everything. I was originally going to do a post about my outfits on holiday however I never had the time to take the pictures I needed. All the stuff from this haul is either from the airport, shops in Mallorca or from my shopping trip in York. Some things are treats as I did get my two exam results that I did early last week, I did do quite well so my family have been treating me. None of this is bragging at all I just really enjoy reading haul posts and I know most of you probably will do as well.
 Maybelline  Babylips - £2.99 (3 for 2 at boots)
Essence Lipstick - €1.99
                            Rimmel Matte Lipstick - £5.49                          
 Catrice Lipsticks - €3.99 - €4.50 (I think, can't remember)
Catrice Bronzer - €3.99 - €4.50 (I think, can't remember)
Bourjois Bronzing Primer -  €12

 Mineralized Skin Finish - £17.20 (duty free)
Eye Shadow - £10 (duty free)
Maybelline Anti-Shine Foundation - £8.99
Benefit Erase Paste - £15 (duty free)
Maybelline Color Tatto - £4.99
Catrice Longlasting Eyeshadow - €3.99 (I think)

Mango Body Mist - £7 
Daisy Perfume - €9
Neckalce - €14 (from a small market and it was the only one)
Pandora Bracelet - I have no idea as my Auntie gave it to me as a gift
Topshop - £14.99
Shana - €9.99
H&M - £14.99

If you have any questions about anything within this post feel free to comment and ask, I hope everyone liked this post as I haven't done one before so maybe if you like it, tell me so I can do more.