I'm not usually the sort of person to have 'amazing' summers or someone who wishes it was summer forever but, this year I do. I've decided to look back on things I've done between June and Now and I realized how much fun I had. I've been to a few different places, spoken to so many lovely different people and made a lot of memories with my family & friends! When I've not been with family, I've spent most of my time with my best friend Ella who without her, I would've done nothing this summer! I think the main thing for me about this summer is that I've come out of my comfort zone with speaking to new people and doing new things as I've never had the confidence before.Some of my favourite things I've done are I went to Leeds festival with Sarah, I saw a sloth (childish, I know), my holiday to Majorca because I spoke to tons of people and made friends with people I'll never forget, saw the vamps and chased their van (loooool) and the many days out with Ella! If any of you have some amazing summer stories please comment with what you've done as I love hearing about things like that. I hope you've all had good summers and good luck with going back to school!