1. Mulberry Alexa Satchel / 2. Saint Laurent Monogramme Chain Shoulder Bag / 3. 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli Satchel  / 4. Boy Chanel Flap Bag / 5. Saint Laurent Monogramme Cabas Bag /6. Mulberry Cara Backpack / 7. Dolce & Gabbana Large Sicily Snake Trim Tote

I've always told myself that just because products are 'high end' doesn't mean they are any better than a bag bought on the high street but, I have failed to stick to this as I've got older. I now find myself browsing the web searching through the luxurious websites such as D&G or YSL, lusting over mainly bags or shoes. I decided that each month I'll produce a high end wishlist and high street wishlist, a way to showcase what I would purchase in my wildest dreams...

Bags are something that as I've aged, I've grown more fond of and have fallen completely in love with classic styles and more unique shapes. I've chosen 7 of my favourites from a variety of brands with a variety of styles.

 Number 1 is a classic bag named after the stunning Alexa Chung, that alone sells this bag to me. The off-navy colour really compliments the silver hardware as a change from classic black, I feel this would be a piece to perfect all classic minimalist outfits. 

Number 2 is monochrome and stunningly classic, Saint Laurent bags are definitely some of my favourite styles due to the simplicity and elegance of their designs. 

Number 3 is a bag I've seen a few times on blogs and is not something I'd generally go towards due to the duck egg blue speckled exterior. It almost reminds me of a Celine bag, yet I feel the design is much classier.

Number 4 is a Chanel bag, I do love the classics but felt this is perfectly reflectant of my style. I feel Chanel is known for these classic timeless pieces which all appear quite 'prim & proper' however, this piece showcases the opposite and almost abolishes the stereotype. A piece which would be timeless in my wardrobe...

Number 5 is another Saint Laurent Bag, a slightly larger bag than before. I, again, love the simplicity of the design and feel the colour would be a great transitioning piece between seasons. The colour is quite peculiar, but I feel paired with the right pieces to compliment it, this would be a wonderful accessory. 

Number 6 is name after Cara Delevingne, another amazing figure who I look up to.  I love backpacks to add a boyish element to an outfit and feel this piece would be the perfect everyday bag. 

Finally number 7, my favourite pick of the lot. Dolce & Gabanna's collections are always stunning and leave me wishing that 1. I could be a model to wear the beautiful clothes and get paid or 2. Have enough money to actually purchase pieces. As silly as it may sound, the structure of this bag reminds me of Mary Poppins, one of my favourite childhood films, which was why I was drawn to it. The colour is perfect and the contrast of a blocked colour with a pattern works so well. May be one day...

Lucy x