The end of another year, my sixteenth to be exact, what a year it has been...
There is something about the months of January and February that I really really dislike, but this year I found myself venturing out in the freezing weather to do a lot more than usual. These two months were spent going to gigs, but also making the most of the freedom I had as GCSEs were soon approaching.
March felt like a month of accomplishments, I performed my final solo in dance. After years of envying the abilities of the older pupils it was finally my turn. I loved every second of it and miss dance so much. Also,  April brought a family trip to the Lake District, getting my braces off and my 16th birthday! I think these months were 'the calm before the storm' as the pressure of exams was on, but I could deal with it. I always love spring because of the weather, the slow transition into summer definitely got me excited for the longest summer ever...
These two months started with endless exams and finished with the start to an endless summer. Leaving school was probably the highlight of my year, that place never really had a positive impact on me. Prom was a good excuse to feel like a princess and I had such a fun time with the best people. I also did my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award in June which did slightly kill me, but was all good fun. June was such a care free month, one I really miss...
July and August were some of the most amazing months in my life. I travelled to beautiful places I'd never been and spent time with all my favourite people. Kefalonia was the first trip away with my family, it is the most beautiful place I've ever been and every day I wake up longing to be there. 10 days later, I was off to Florida with Ell and her family which was 2 weeks of sun, disney and simply loving the American life. After visiting the US, I know it is definitely a place I want to visit more. To finish off the summer nicely I spent a day at Leeds festival which was one of the best days of summer and I only wish I could've camped. The 13 weeks I had of summer were pretty amazing and the memories won't be forgotten any time soon! 
September means school, or in my case college. Starting college in a new place where I barely knew anyone was such a big change but in comparison to my time at school, I prefer it way more. I think September was a weird month but I grew a lot within myself and within my style, I gained a lot of confidence really. October was 'One Direction' month as me and Ell saw them three times, I don't regret it at all. These months I became so so thankful of the people I had surrounding me as I realised how special my friends and family are, I'm lucky to have them.
November and December, those dreary winter months, lets just say the weather definitely lived up to it's expectation! November held many many amazing gigs, a trip to London and many cozy nights in watching films with the best people. I really embraced Christmas this year with Anna, we were like two little elves in the run up to Christmas. I had a lovely Christmas, yet the flooding on Boxing Day made it a bit of a weird day. To see how the floods have affected so many is devastating and I really hope communities can keep pulling together like they have! 

Now it is  40 minutes till the 31st December.
12 months holds a lot of life.
These 12 months really have been more than I can imagine, but honestly this is only my highlight reel.
'We compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel'
My experiences are for me to share and right now I want to share the positives, show my love for the people in my life and be thankful for the healthy life I have.

Another 12 months will be gone soon enough, I wonder what I will have done?

Lucy Jane