((The pictures I use aren't meant to look 'pretty' or 'flawless',  they're just real))

'Embrace the bare face' was something I wanted to start last year but failed to pursue, so why not take a shot at it this year?

I don't want the whole concept to revolve around being confident with no make-up, I want the 'bare face' to reflect the struggles we sometimes hide behind and ignore. By all means embrace your bare face, but embrace whats real about you, flaws and all...

Let's talk about acne.
I have had spots for around 7 years, but acne for around 4 and I won't lie I hate it. 

I'm sure you're all clear with the concept of acne as it is common in so many people, some cases worse than others. For the past 5 months my skin has been the worst it has ever been, with spots constantly appearing on my forehead, chin, nose, neck, shoulders and back. Over the years I've tried every treatment under the sun and nothing seems to have helped it, leading to scarring, more spots and me left feeling a little self conscious.

When I say 'a little bit self conscious' I mean to the degree of wearing make up more often than not to make my skin look 'better'', wearing high neck tops to cover up my worst areas but, I won't say I let acne get the better of me. I'm not afraid to go out without covering up my acne, what would I really be trying to hide from when it's part of me?

A message which the whole 'Embrace the bare face' thing for me is trying to stress is that imperfection is inevitable, I know they don't make us perfect but they make us part of who we are.
My acne has knocked my confidence a fair few times, but made me realise theres more to life than the condition of my skin. People perceive spots as 'ugly' and when they're as painful as mine let me tell you I completely agree, but just because you've got an 'ugly' spot does not define you as an ugly person. 

I have acne, I want to get rid of my acne but it doesn't define me.

Embrace the bare face.

Lucy Jane