Jumper: Charity // Jacket : Charity // Pants: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Asos

Sometimes I wish I could flick between eras, living in the freedom of the 60s and 70s for a short while yet having the choice to switch back to the crazy world of today. We all know time travel is impossible, unless you are 'The Doctor' of course, but travelling through the times of fashion is definitely not impossible. Why not live in the 60s on a Monday and the 90s on a Wednesday?

Recently I've been venturing out with my 'combinations' in regards to colours and patterns which is something I've always kept quite minimal. I adore colour. It makes me happy to spend my days in bright tones, the vibrancy just screams 'I LOVE LIFE'. There is something specifically about the colour red that draws me in. Its usual connotation seem to be 'love, danger, blood', three things definitely not relatable to my life right now, but to me its a colour that was made to be worn to stand out in. We are all so busy enjoying the neutral tones that the brighter shades seem to have become underrated, bring brights back!

Ever wanted a pair of pants that feel like you aren't wearing a pair of pants? Culottes is your answer. THEY ARE REVOLUTIONARY! 
Every time I wear them I really do feel like I'm in my pyjamas, if that isn't a life goal then I don't know what is. The only flaw to these little gems is how loose they are. Combine that with a little breeze, absolutely no problem, but with a gale force wind, that is another story. I can't say I'd recommend them for the wintery days, but if you can bare the chill then go for it!

Next time your feeling fearless and want to change up the well loved monochromatic minimal trend, resort to wearing the colour red and tell me how your day goes.
Red on red just makes life a whole lot more interesting...

Lucy Jane