Shirt: Charity shop // Top: Blue Rinse // Pants: Urban Outfitters Vintage // Shoes: Topshop

To cut the story short, I did a cartwheel and ripped my favourite pants. It's just an average day as Lucy Jane.

Using the words 'Sprinkle of Glitter' implies two things to me.
1. Life if so much better with glitter.
Glittery tops, glittery socks, glittery make up and I hate to say it, I went in to college with glittery hair and sprinkled my glitter everywhere on everyone. I have decided that Christmas is not just the time for glitter, my whole life is the time for glitter.
2. A 'Sprinkle of Glitter' here on the internet is more often associated with Louise, youtube/blogger/mother/all round amazing woman!

Today I whipped on my brightest pink lipstick and glitziest top to pay homage to the lovely Louise who I see as an inspiration. I have watched/read/feel like I've known Louise for a good 3 or 4 years and her content never fails to put a smile on my face! She is real.
Although social media only portrays certain aspects of people and their life, I think Louise's platform holds one of the most true and honest representations of someone online.
Her ability to make so many laugh and smile whilst in her presence is something really special, but more importantly, she speaks a lot of sense...

I get the feeling that Louise is a care free person, whether a glass of wine increases that or not, she seems to love life! One of the many things she has influenced me on is simply not caring, like in this slightly embarrassing, slightly upsetting but fully idiotic occasion today.

I love dance, in my opinion it is the thing in life that brings me the most freedom. Clever little Lucy Jane decided 'I want to portray me at my happiest in my blog post, let's present myself on top of the world dancing around being me' it was a good idea until the cartwheel...
I've never been a gymnast, never will, never want to.
Who knows where the urge to cartwheel came from but I did it anyway which lead to a huge rip in my favourite pants. I cried laughing for a solid 10 minutes whilst my mum took pictures thinking she was hilarious and then realised the journey home could be slightly troublesome. 
But what can you do?
Laugh it off and run all the way home...

Lucy Jane