Jumper: Forever 21 // Dress: Forever 21 // Sunglasses: Forever 21 // Shoes: Topshop

1964, getting ready in an oh so chic apartment with the winged eyeliner perfectly shaping your eyes, the shift dress on you can't live without and a high neck jumper to top it all off. That's what my dreams are made of.

In reality, I shot these in the apartment I stayed at in Liverpool and I thought with a little editing I can incorporate that 60s touch. Although my outfit lacks the vintage pieces, Forever 21 have been keeping me going with so many of their clothes! I can't get enough of this red leather dress but haven't quite gained enough confidence to wear it alone, maybe I will one day. I have been that 'idiot' wearing sunglasses as an accessory when the sun is clearly not out but how could I not? With this outfit they just fit perfectly and the pop of orange reminds me of the bright interiors the 60s is famous for, I had to!

I will continue to write my posts about my admiration for the 60s because it is a love that can only grow, so for now lets pretend these were shot in the 60s.

Lucy Jane