Bodysuit: Zara // Shirt: Vintage // Waistcoat: H&M // Jeans: Vintage // Shoes: New Balance // Necklace: Marc Jacobs

Lately the colour palette of my outfits has definitely been a lot more vibrant than the tones in this post, but the brightest days don't always happen.

Levis, levis, levis... the comfiest jeans I ever did own. I paired them with a bodysuit, an item of clothing which has taken me so long to adapt to. The concept of them always screamed 'UNCOMFORTABLE' to me yet I could honestly live in this one. It pulls all my outwards bits inwards which I can't complain about and it looks sleek paired with absolutely anything. Bodysuits, you have won me over! My new balance trainers are pretty much as exciting as I get these days with footwear, I've never been a huge trainer lover but I will do anything I can to make my outfit look good wearing these. They are so comfy, I live for that.

Something I hate is seeing my shed empty. It's like my space for creativity, expression and a place where I feel so free has been put on hold. Even though it is definitely not gone forever, as it's only bare for the winter, I miss it so much! I feel like it's my own little space where I can reflect whatever lies in my head through the way I decorate, just a proper chilling place. 
So this means Shed2.0 this year is going to be bigger and better, watch this space...

Lucy Jane