Top: H&M // Denim Jacket: Zara // Jacket: Forever 21 // Pants: New Look // Trainers: New Balance

This outfit came alive by gathering random pieces from random places and throwing it all together, pretty much sums up my life.

I wore this on a recent outing in Manchester to meet up with a new friend Alina who has both a blog and youtube channel. In regards to the weather, it was a pretty dull winters day so layering was a necessity. My striped pants are always a go to piece when struggling to find what to wear so I thought why not? I am obsessed with this denim jacket, but funnily enough it is actually a dress. At a warmer point in the year I might be able to pull it off as a dress but for now the length of it is slightly warning me off. Another one of my most adored pieces in this look is my parka jacket. Even though when the wind hits it, it can look slightly like a wizards cape from Hogwarts I think I can pull that of.

Meeting people for the first time is something that seems quite daunting to me sometimes, I certainly overthink about if their opinion of my will alter in a negative or whether they're expecting more than I am. Meeting Alina for the first time completely freed me of all these worries. It isn't often you meet someone and feel like you've been friends forever, we could've easily spent a good few days chatting about life but instead we got a few hours. I know for a fact our friendship is going to be something special and amazing things will come from it, thank you very much Alina.

Lucy Jane