Top & Culottes: Charity Shop // Jacket: H&M // Shoes: H&M // Belt: Mango

Where do I start with this whirlwind of a night? The moment I was metres away from the iconic Anna Wintour, when I was chauffeured with the Mayor of York or when I sat front row to an incredible fashion show featuring ridiculously talented young designers? 
I'll try from the beginning...

I was invited to be part of 'The Northern Youth' due to a blog post I wrote regarding my outlook and opinions on the youth of the north as it is today.
The team of students from York university were organising the event to give the talent we have up north the recognition it deserves, but to also raise money towards charities helping with the refugee crisis the world is facing. Oh and to top the night off, Anna Wintour (e.g. queen of the fashion industry and one of my biggest inspirations) was coming to town.

The night began we me nervously waiting to go in the building I supposedly thought the VIP reception was in, I'm definitely not the most unconfident person in the world but major events like this come with the guaranteed butterflies. I gained the courage to walk in, ask the 'security man' if I was in the right place only to find out I had just asked the Chauffeur to the Mayor of York who was not security. To cut a long story short, I ended up in a limousine with the Mayor of York along with the other lovely women who were some of the loveliest people I've ever met! 

Entering the champagne reception felt so surreal for me, all these prestigious influential people along with their friends and family and then there I was, little Lucy Jane wishing one day I can be half as successful as people I was surrounded by! I really felt quite overwhelmed and proud, blogging is what I love the most and it is finally bringing me these amazing experiences I will never forget. Socialising with other bloggers was something new to me as well, they were so lovely and welcoming, the best kind of people.

I failed my task of introducing myself to Anna Wintour and pleading her to give me an internship at Vogue, but I did come within a pretty close perimeter of her which is some kind of an achievement?  

As for the show, it was incredible! Anna did an inspiring speech which really captured mine and everyone else's attention, she spoke about not becoming 'too specialised' in regards to your interests which is something I believe in. I am always up to trying new things which has developed me as a person, but also my love for fashion. Every aspect of fashion interests me and makes me want to learn. The design, the textiles, the marketing, the visuals, the written approach, the advertising, everything! I try to experiment with it all as the possibilities are limitless...

To sum up my night in a word would be WOW. I thought the team who organised the event were so professional, creative and most of all very very very talented! It just proved the creativity and potential we, as a generation, hold for the north.
'This generation has the capability to do something different, but we are too busy comparing ourselves to one another to notice our power.'
'The Norther Youth' team should strike up attention and influence others to realise the young generation have a voice!
Making a difference does not happen over night.
To everyone reading this who holds a voice for the younger generation, please understand you get nothing for nothing. 
We need to make a change by using our efforts to make the change.
We are all capable of anything, do not doubt it and as Anna Wintour stated her favourite slogan was 'just do it'...

Lucy Jane