Jacket: Charity // Jumper: Primark // Trousers: H&M // Shoes: Topshop

My second day in York felt like a journey through the seasons, the day began with clear blue skies followed by rain showers which eventually turned into snow.
Being frozen is something I do on a daily basis because of fashion...

When your lipstick matches your jacket, you know it's a good day! This suede maroon jacket was £8 very well spent, I'm pretty sure you couldn't find a deal like that on the high street. That is what I love about shopping charity shops, everything is so much more original and the money spent goes to a great cause. My trousers are one of my new favourite pieces! They're loose fitting but fall with a flattering structure proving perfect for the comfy occasions, they also have zips on the ankles. The small details like that satisfy me so much, you've got to love the little things.

I wanted to end this post on how pleasant my time in York was, I spoke to so many wonderful new people and really started to believe in myself for what I am capable of achieving.
 I am inspired to create, think and do, so let's get started.

Lucy Jane