Shirt: Vintage // Bodysuit: Forever 21 // Pants: Topshop // Belt: Mango // Shoes: Mango // Necklace: Forever 21

London town, a place so widely known yet considering it's the capital of the country I live in, I've only been a few times. The constant hustle and bustle is something you either love or hate, but I think I've learnt to love it...

Ell and I went down to London on the early train from Manchester, our intentions being to shop, explore and visit the 100 years of Vogue exhibition. We ended up wandering round so many different parts of London which did confuse me as I never realised everything was so near to each other, the tube is very deceiving! The sun was shining brightly all day making the perfect opportunity for a sit down in Regents park along with my first ice cream of 2016. 
'You know, your eyes and hair are exactly the same colour!' - the ice cream lady
It was such a random thing to say but I found it quite complimentary, I mean when you think about it is there a lot of people with matching hair and eyes?

As for the exhibition, it was so interesting! Seeing rooms and rooms of fashion photography gave me so much inspiration for my own work. There were so many different variations to the styles of photographers that it made me so excited for the endless possibilities I can explore...
As I left I said to myself 'In another 100 years, they'll do an exhibition and my work will be showcased'
Well I suppose if nobodies laughing are your dreams really big enough?

London is a town filled with so much potential and I think that's what I like about it. Although commuters in London occasionally come across as quite ignorant, I think it's down to the focus they have in life. Life changes all the time, but I think having a focus makes change for the best. 
I do love the buzz of the city and I will be back soon...

Lucy Jane