As I ran towards my favourite sitting spot, I realised my frantic steps looked ridiculous and began to laugh to myself. Halting to catch my breath, I looked around my shoulder only to be greeted by a bold beauty the perfect sunset holds. 
'If I can capture this scene showing simply a small portion of the magic I see in front of me then I will be happy'
I snapped away, using my Canon to try and keep this moment ever lasting. 

There is something enticing about a sunset that makes me have to watch until it's gone, like an episode of your favourite show or a song you sing religiously till the end, I can't seem to ignore it. It's not a sense of closure but a feeling of wonder, I wonder... 
Sitting alone tucked away in a secret spot onlooking the rest of the world when they can't see you feels slightly empowering. People don't notice me, hear me or see me when I'm there but I really do. 

I think I'm 'annoying' which is why I say I hate spending time with myself. Honestly, I think I struggle to. Distractions are always there yet when I sit hidden away witnessing life go by for everyone else I feel a sense of self reassurance.
 It's okay to get lost, go off track or loose focus but it's how you recover that matters.

I love so many things in life and my visions get clouded from time to time which is only human. One thing I love is achieving and proving myself I can do it so this is what I'm going to do. 

Just like this sunset, you can't ignore it.

Lucy Jane