Top: H&M // Pants: Unknown // Necklaces: Topshop // Bralet: Urban Outfitters

Surrounded by the synchronised swaying of the spring flowers with the brisk english wind being the only thing taking away the feeling of summer, so close but so far...

I suppose May is officially still spring, only last weekend I witnessed the baby lambs bouncing round the Peak District on my Gold Duke of Edinburgh yet the almost 30 degree temperatures would have fooled anyone into thinking summer was in full swing. The thought of warm mornings, sunset watching, ice tea, all kinds of fruits and all the time in the world to do what I want is pushing me through 'exam season'. Two weeks until total freedom, for a little while anyway, keep on going!

Summer is an excuse for me to dance around the fields channeling my inner bohemian goddess whilst picturing myself in the midst of a crowd at a music festival. Honestly, I don't care where I am, any opportunity to dance carelessly is a good opportunity! Dancing through flowers alone does seem rather fun, try dancing through flowers with your Mum trying to take pictures, now that's fun. Buttercups and daises are the simplest flowers, but I do adore them. I can't pretend I'm someone with 'green fingers' as I know nothing other than if you don't water plants, they die but the simple concept of daises and buttercups growing randomly fills me with content, I shall have a garden filled with these flowers as the responsibility to care for more 'serious' plants isn't on my wish list.

  Something about fields and fields of bright, blissful tones fills me with happiness, I let the colours consume me to inspire my thoughts and feelings, it makes my life colourful.

Lucy Jane