Dress: Alexa Chung for M&S // Shoes: Dr Martens

For those of you who share the same admiration for Alexa Chung as I do, I am sure you were all as excited as me when her collection with M&S launched recently. I hopped on over to the website where I added the majority of the collection to my cart, only to then realise the huge total value my cart had reached. So I managed to narrow it down to the Helen trainers and this beautiful Eliza dress...

As for the collection, it holds so many classic timeless pieces that could easily be adapted to range of styles and tastes. It definitely reflects Alexa's personal style with the gingham skirts, ruffled blouses and slip dresses all summing up what I love about Alexa Chung. For years and years I've been saying 'M&S are missing out on such an important audience' in regards to the young adults in the UK, but I honestly think this collection is what they needed! They have gained so much more interest into their fashion ranges giving them the base to now grow and develop to cater for a wider audience. The pieces I got are so wonderfully made and fit beautifully, I highly recommend the collection.

Yet again my pale blue docs are out! When I bought them I thought they were a slightly 'awkward' colour as white may have been more wearable, yet they seem to match everything and barely get dirty, definitely a win. They matched my Eliza dress perfectly as did my bright pink barbie lipstick which I am now going to wear religiously. Summer is an excuse for this bright bold patterns, especially with this dress. I guess I am now one step closer to being Alexa Chung?

Lucy Jane